November 2021

Release notes for 10.16.6

The 10.16.6 hotfix release addresses a duo of unrelated bugs and introduces some more flexible configuration of datatable pagination options. Thanks to Jasmin Tsai, Choon Tat Thum and Kok Ann Ng for the pull requests!

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Release notes for 10.16.5

The 10.16.5 hotfix release resolves an issue with the new batchupdate functionality where it would fail if doing batch update all rows when filtering on a property in a related table.

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Release notes for 10.16.4

The 10.16.4 hotfix release addresses a very specific issue where admin datatable searches do not work when there are other datatables in the same screen with search disabled. This appears to have been a bug with a core jquery datatables plugin and we have patched this back to Preside 10.13 (patches 10.15.14, 10.14.23 and 10.13.19).

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Release notes for 10.16.3

The 10.16.3 hotfix release fixes a critical bug introduced in 10.16.0 where updateData() calls would not update any data where the only fields changed are those that are flagged as to be ignored for versioning. The 10.16.0-2 builds have all been removed from Forgebox and you should upgrade as soon as possible.

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October 2021

Release notes for 10.16.2

The 10.16.2 hotfix addresses an issue with the batch "select all" functionality introduced in 10.16.0. If you are running 10.16, then you should upgrade to avoid user errors when sorting data tables and attempting batch all operations on the data. Thanks to Rick Siow for picking up in QA!

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Release notes for 10.16.1

The 10.16.1 hotfix release patches an issue with how application customisations interact with new batch delete functionality. If you are doing any *preBatchDeleteRecordsAction* customisations, then this hotfix is for you.

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Release notes for 10.16.0

The 10.16.0 Release is here! This is a relatively small but super useful feature release with a number of improvements and often-requested features mainly targeting the admin. A huge thanks to everyone involved, including contributions from Cheah Kar Hong, Teon Ooi, Russel Cole, Seb Duggan, Sin Ven, Jasmin Tsai, Nelson Chuah, Brayden Tan and Chris Schmitz. Checkout the full release notes, upgrade notes and video here!

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September 2021

Release notes for 10.15.13

The 10.15.13 hotfix addresses two unrelated issues. One concerning updating related data without a datemodified field; the other with oneToManyConfigurator fields without a default renderer. Special mention to Chris Schmitz for his first accepted PR! And thanks to Seb Duggan and Brayden Tan on work for the update data issue.

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Release notes for 10.15.12

The 10.15.12 hotfix release addresses a trio of unrelated bugs including a var scoping issue in resource bundle file reading logic, preventing duplicate questions in form builder (v2) and a fix to rules engine quick edit forms. See release notes for details.

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Release notes for 10.15.11

The 10.15.11 hotfix addresses an issue with missing i18n URIs caused by a performance enhancement in 10.15. This effects i18n files that end in an underscore followed by two letters, matching a pattern for detecting language translation files.

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Release notes for 10.15.10

The 10.15.10 hotfix release addresses an issue with cached unsubscribe links in email newsletters. This is a critical fix for any application using the email centre in 10.15.0 and above to send custom newsletters with personalised unsubscribe links.

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Release notes for 10.15.9

The 10.15.9 hotfix addresses a bug where, in very specific circumstances, custom handlers in site templates do not work; leading to unexpected 404 pages and other strange symptoms. This fix will only be required for sites that use sub sites and custom site templates.

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